February 2023
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Webinar Wednesday – “I Had My DNA Tested – Now What?” May 21, 2014

Hundreds of thousands of genetic profiles for family history and ancestral purposes have been generated by private laboratories, universities, and the National Geographic’s Genographic Project during the past fifteen years. However, many individuals that had their DNA tested were somewhat disappointed, as the information provided by many laboratories is often difficult to understand. What do […]

The breathtaking photos of Kelly Jones

Cousin Kelly Jones has continued to expand his photography website and now has over 20,000 visitors. When you visit it, you’ll see why. He’s the type of artist that can take an ordinary subject and make it extraordinary! Check it out at


Wanted — Family Group Sheets!

We’d like to expand this Family Website by asking family members to contribute Family Group Sheets for the descendants of William Barton and Annetta Cunha Boulden. Over time, we’ll probably want to go further, but for now, this is a good second step. We invite families to contribute these sheets, and we’ll post them. If […]

Climbing in Family Trees

Been working with Family Trees, the new web offshoot of Shows some real promise — graphic, visual, lets you post ancestor photos etc. If only I could do something about the Miracle Mom, Jane Holland.

Jane, you see, is shown as my 4G Grandmother, the mother of William Louis Boulden. I call her the […]

Using Social Media in Genealogy

It’s hard to believe, but a few years ago, there was no Facebook… no Twitter … none of the Social Media that is so widely used today. Folks like you and me use it to keep in touch… find friends … make contacts. And now, we are beginning to see it used in Genealogy. If […]