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The breathtaking photos of Kelly Jones

Cousin Kelly Jones has continued to expand his photography website and now has over 20,000 visitors.  When you visit it, you’ll see why.  He’s the type of artist that can take an ordinary subject and make it extraordinary!  Check it out at

Webinars from Legacy

Organizing Your Genealogy, Google, and Estate Records webinars

Register for Webinar Wednesday – Get Organized Using the FamilyRoots Organizer Color-Coding System by Mary Hill

LogowhiteFor on-going research success, a person must have a simple system to organize genealogy records. FamilyRoots Organizer is a proven system – easy to understand, simple to set up, and simple to use. Based on four colors for your four grandparent lines, coordinate your paper files with your Legacy database as you build your family tree.

Join us for the live webinar Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 2pm Eastern U.S. Register today to reserve your virtual seat. Registration is free but space is…

Googling Around with Google – free webinar by Geoff Rasmussen now online for limited time

LogowhiteThe recording of Saturday’s bonus webinar, “Googling Around with Google,” presented by Geoff Rasmussen (that’s me!) at the Root Cellar annual spring seminar in Fair Oaks, California, is now available to view for free for a limited time at Sure was fun presenting to the live audience, and although I didn’t get to everything I wanted to cover in the webinar, we learned about Google Alerts, customized Google searches, searching with an image instead of text, Google…

Roots Magic News

Here’s the April news and help info from Roots Magic.  To reach their support system, click Here.

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  • Free Help for PAF Users Switching to RootsMagic
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  • Free Tutorial Videos at RootsMagicTV
  • User Groups Around the World
  • Upcoming Events

William Barton Boulden

The eldest surviving son of Joseph Louis Boulden, William Barton (Will) Boulden took his young wife, Annetta Jane de Cunha  and small children and immigrated from a comfortable, settled life in Castle Valley to the Uintah Basin of eastern Utah to raise his family. He made the journey by wagon in the early days of 1917 to homestead on his own farm.  The journey was cold and wintry, and his youngest child, Bernard, was only about 6 weeks old at the time.    Family stories tell me that when the little children would suffer from cold and hunger on the trip, their father would calm them by singing to them.  He had a wonderful tenor voice and loved to sing Irish love songs like Kathleen Mavourneen.

The family lived in the Uintah basin for about 20 years before losing their farm to foreclosure during the Great Depression, then moved to the Salt Lake City area and resettled before WW II.  Will Boulden passed away in 1950 while I was in the hospital after an appendectomy.  He was 72 at the time of death.

I am now 72, and subject to some of the same health conditions that factored into his demise.  A sense of closeness and companionship to him led me to compute the date of his death if he were born on my birthdate and lived his full life from then.  That recomputed date was March 19 of 2014.    When I passed that date, still alive and well, I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad.  All I know for sure is that he was a good Grandpa.  And I miss him.William Barton Boulden as a young man

When I look at the Boulden men in our heritage,  a few things leap out at me:

Each of these Bouldens was a working class man, not born into wealth or ease.

Each was a blacksmith, and a family man. With one exception, they married for life and devoted themselves to raising a family.

Each was willing to pull up stakes and move when necessary to provide for a family.

Each maintained close family ties across the distances they traveled, staying close emotionally and financially to the families they left behind.

Larry Boulden, March 24


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