February 2023
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Sitting here on a bright Labor Day morning in Simsbury, Connecticut, I find myself thinking about that past year and the impact of my father’s passing on this website and blog.  Larry L. Boulden was the driving force behind the research that populates this site.  It was but one of his many passions.   But, he wasn’t alone.  His children and grandchildren will benefit from the hard work that he and my mother have put into researching and documenting our family history.  We’re talking about some serious elbow grease here.

Since the inception of I have worked primarily behind the scenes writing the code for the site, publishing their research if you will.  Dad would not have wanted the site to fade or the research to stop.  Toward that end,  I feel compelled to continue.

As a history major and amateur historian this does not exactly run counter to my interests.  Over the next few weeks I’ll review his e-mails, review our source documents, and determine the most sensible place to start.

One thread that seems interesting, and perhaps a little daunting, is to establish who William Louis Boulden’s parents were.  We know he was baptized in 1792 in Cecil, Maryland.  We know he fought in the war of 1812 and ultimately married Nancy Patterson before moving his family to Ohio (read more.)  While it is highly likely that our family can trace its lineage directly back to the Thomas Bouldinge who arrived in Jamestown on the Swan, the direct connection eludes us.

Working backwards from William Louis Boulden seems the most logical way to tackle this problem.  More on that in a future blog post.

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