February 2011
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Grandma’s Bathroom

(Come with me now, as we visit my two grandmothers during the 1940s. Close your eyes and walk with me as we prepare to take a bath on Saturday night so we could go to Church on Sunday.)

Neither Grandma had a bathroom, and Grandma Boulden’s water supply was a nice artesian well in the […]

Visiting Grandma

I had two wonderful grandmothers, and I loved them dearly. Starting today, I’m going to dedicate several blog posts to my memories of their houses, their circumstances, and the times they represent. I invite my cousins and others who knew these wonderful women to share their own memories and correct anything I say that doesn’t […]

What We Learn from Census Records

Census records provide some of the most useful insights into where our ancestors lived, what they did, and who their neighbors were. To demonstrate, we will soon post census sheets for some Boulden ancestors. First, a few words of explanation:

Years: The US Census is taken every ten years, beginning in 1790. The government just […]

Free Webinars about Family History

Noted software developer Legacy has a busy schedule of webinars on tap. If the term is new to you, a webinar is a seminar conducted on the web, one you access through your computer. The Legacy Family Tree seminars center on Genealogy Research, and provide useful guidance on various topics dealing with researching your family […]