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Wanted — Family Group Sheets!

We’d like to expand this Family Website by asking family members to
contribute Family Group Sheets for the descendants of William Barton and
Annetta Cunha Boulden.  Over time, we’ll probably want to go further, but
for now, this is a good second step.  We invite families to contribute
these sheets, and we’ll post them.  If any family does not want them
posted, just don’t submit them.  It’s your choice, and we will honor it.

Let’s get the word out to the families of:
Violet Vera Boulden Wardle

 Gladys Merle Boulden
Joseph Lyle Boulden
William Bliss Boulden
LaBelle Beverly Boulden Shadden
Winifred Anita Boulden Murphy
Colleen Boulden Casper
Glen Garth Boulden
(We already have the families of Bernard Lee Boulden.  And Little Rozella,
who died as a child, is included on her parents’ chart.)

There will come a time, likely very soon, where we will want to include
other descendants of Joseph Louis Boulden, including our cousins from the
Jones, Jewkes, and Jeffs lines.  But let’s focus on these 8 sibling
families to start, OK?

If you have any of these Family Group Sheets, feel free to send them along.  Best way is to scan them and send them as email attachments, or snail-mail us hard paper copies.  Don’t send your originals; they’re precious to you , and we’d hate to see you lose them in the mail!  We’re deputizing Kimberly Hall, granddaughter of William Bliss and Helen Boulden, to act as Utah Coordinator in this effort.  (Thanks, Kimberly; hope this isn’t an unwelcome surprise to you!!!)

Larry Boulden, Sept. 2013

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