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50th — On Staying Married

wedding picture LB & VB014In 1960, I moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah.  Lived with my Grandma Boulden, and paid the bills by working for a hamburger spot, Snappy Service Lunch.  And I started group-dating with my 3 cousins, Garth, Don, and Kirk Boulden, who were all dating gals from Olympus High school.  So I found an Olympus gal too, and we joined the group.

But she didn’t fit in too well, either with the group or with me.  So Garth’s gal, Yvonne, brought a  friend down to Snappy’s for me to meet.  That friend, Virginia Chase, and I have now been married 50  years.  Thanks, Yvonne, wherever you are!

So Don married his Gal, LaRue, in (I think) 1961  Their wonderful marriage was cut short after 30 years when she passed away from cancer.  Then Virginia and I were married in 1963, followed shortly by Kirk and his gal, Claudia .  We both celebrated our 50th Anniversary on July 27, just a couple of weeks ago.

Before Kirk and Claudia married, he filled a Church Mission.  To keep Claudia in the Group, Garth provided a big-brotherly escort for her until Kirk returned.  Then Garth started dating Claudia’s sister, Loraine.  Now she and Garth have been married 47 years, and are still going strong.

With Garth and Kirk married to Loraine and Claudia, you have two brothers married to two sisters, for a total of 97 years.  How about that?  Add in Don and LaRue and Virginia and I, and the marriage total today exceeds 177 years for the four couples.  How about THAT?

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