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2012 Boulden Family Reunion

Who’s up for a family reunion in 2012? Let’s spread the word throughout our extended family and invite all to join our Facebook group and contribute ideas. The group is called Boulden Family Reunion; it’s an open group, and all are welcome.  Check it out for the latest news.
What would you like to see and do at a Boulden Family Reunion? Some ideas already in include timing it to the Castle Valley Pageant next August … camping for those who want it … games…auction…maybe a historical tour. And the Pageant, for those interested in learning more about Joseph Louis Boulden, our common ancestor who settled Orangeville. Spread the word, please!
A nice offer from the Mayor of Orangeville, Patrick Jones: “We have a nice community center that was the old fire station. It’s not too terribly big, but will accomodate quite a few. It would be great to have you all out here. It would be fun to meet some more of our relatives… We also have a nice park that people could pitch a tent… there is (an RV park) in Castle Dale that would rent to overnighters… We have campgrounds close by at Joes Valley resivoir, and Millsite State Park, and also Huntington State Park. There are quite a few motels in Price…. It would be nice for you to see the pagent while here. It is only on every other year now. This will be the year it will be in production… Our town celebration will be on the weekend before the pagent. Its quite a bit of fun. It has really blossemed the last couple of years… Let me know if I can help and I wll do all that I can.”

Larry Boulden, November 2011

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