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Using Social Media in Genealogy

It’s hard to believe, but a few years ago, there was no Facebook… no Twitter … none of the Social Media that is so widely used today.  Folks like you and me use it to keep in touch… find friends … make contacts.  And now, we are beginning to see it used in Genealogy.  If  you use Social Media as a tool to do your genealogy, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m teaching a class on Social Media in Genealogy on April 20, at our Tenth Annual Genealogy Conference in Westlake, Ohio.  If you’ll tell me how you use Social Media, I’ll be delighted to  mention your groundbreaking efforts in my class.  And I’ll even try to post an entry in this blog to publicize your hard work and success.  I can’t promise Fame and Fortune, but I can promise that folks who love genealogy will hear about your successes.

Phil Franklin is our Executive Director, and software expert Tami Thompson Wright will be working with me on the presentation.  You can reach all of us at this email address:  Or you can post a response to this entry right on this blog.  And if you’d like to attend this FREE Genealogy Conference in Westlake, Ohio, just mention it in your email or post and we’ll send you the registration info you’ll need.

Looking forward to hearing about how you use Social Media,

Larry Boulden

March 5, 2013

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