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Visiting Grandma

I had two wonderful grandmothers, and I loved them dearly.  Starting today, I’m going to dedicate several blog posts to my memories of their houses,  their circumstances, and the times they represent.  I invite my cousins and others who knew these wonderful women to share their own memories and correct anything I say that doesn’t match their own recollections.

Annetta Boulden, my father’s mom, lived at 2505 Redwood Rd. in Salt Lake.  My Grandpa, Will Boulden, also lived there until his death in 1950 at the age of 72.  Dad once told me that they built this house during the Depression at a cost of about $70.  Sounds impossible, I know, but it was a very small house without many of the features we consider necessary today.  We visited Grandma B regularly throughout the 1940s and 50s.   And I lived there with her for two years early in the 60s when I attended the University of Utah.  Then cousin Scotty Casper  boarded with her while he attended the U of  U, also.

Lillian Verr Richards, my mother’s mom, lived on 3600 west in Granger, Utah with her husband, William.  He was hit by a car and killed in 1955, at the age of 65, and shortly after that, Grandma sold the little farm and moved into an apartment.

During and shortly after WWII, when housing was scarce, my family lived with each Grandmother for a time.  So I had many opportunities to see and remember each house.  And in subsequent posts, I’ll lead you through these places as I remember them.  Enjoy the trip!

Larry Boulden, February 2011

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