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Family Group Sheets

We’re starting to post info on bygone families, in the form of Family Group Sheets.  Here’s a link to such a sheet for Charles Richards, the copper miner who left Cornwall, England when the mines played out, and took nearly all of his large family to South Australia.  He spent the rest of his life there, living and dying in East Moonta Mines and helping build Australia’s copper-mining industry.

Folks sometimes ask why we do family groups.  After all, the pedigree chart of Charles shows who he is descended from, and follows his line down to my grandkids, tracking through one son, Emanuel Holman Richards, my g grandfather.  But a pedigree chart shows nothing of his many other children. To get their names and vital statistics you need a group sheet.

This particular chart is incomplete.  Tells me the names  of his other kids, but not much more.  Fortunately, I found Heather, a lovely lady in Australia who advertises “free lookups.”  She has given me scads of data of the sons and daughters of Charles, who they married, and when… names of their children … and so forth.  Soon I’ll be inputting that information to make the charts even more useful.

That’s one of the benefits of genealogy research:  you discover a lot of relatives you didn’t know you had.  Long-Lost Cousins, or LLCs.  When you start researching family groups, you’ll come across others looking at your lines.  Which are also their lines.  These are your LLCs.  I won’t embarrass them by giving last-name details, but I will say that my LLCs have been a great source of pleasure and friendship in research. Diane, Darla, June, Kelly, Ron, Jeff, Anne, Cathy,  and all the others — thanks for being great Cousins!  Best way to find your own LLCs is to go to Ancestry, then click on Collaborate and Message Boards.  Find a board dealing with one of your ancestral lines, and look to see who is doing the research for them.  Chances are, that person may be one of your LLCs.  More on this in a future post.

Larry Boulden, August 2010

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